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The "farm", in Grassetti district that gives its name to the entire country, is a farmhouse of the early '900 renovated and split into dwellings, with restaurant inside.

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From "farm" a former mule track of 4 km leads to the historical center of Montegiordano (560 mt s.l.m.) where the Refreshment Point are serving local cuisine, and the chapel of St.. Rocco

Grassetti farmhouse, the perfect place for your holiday…

Visit our two structures, the “Main Farm” and the “Punto Ristoro” at St. Rocco’s village; Into the first you can sleep, eat, take a stroll to the sea, in the second one, in addition to all this, you can satisfy your passion for the music, painting and art in general, because we organizing concerts, exhibitions and literature evenings and at the same time you can taste traditional dishes and rediscover ancient flavors.


Farm Grassetti

Find out why the Farm Grassetti is the ideal place for your vacation ... visit our two facilities: the Farm and Catering Grassetti. In the first you can sleep, eat, take a stroll down to the sea, to the refreshment, you can visit a charming private chapel (San Rocco dated 1700) every summer you can satisfy your passion for music, painting, art in general because we organize concerts, exhibitions, literary evenings. In the background the blue Ionian Sea, always! …we wait for you!

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Farm Grassetti
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