Grassetti’s farm holiday

A farmhouse dating back to the early 1900s, renovated and divided into dwellings.


In the background of the Jonian sea, always…
We’re waiting for you!

The farm holiday, placed in Grassetti’s land, is a farmhouse dating back to the early 1900s, of which was keeping in sight the stone wall, the porch, the original enclosure (called “iazz” in the local dialect which housed sheeps), the bow of the ex stable (today breakfast and dinner salon) and the open space (“aja”).

Inside was completely renovated and divided in 6 dwellings gifted with all comfort.

It appears on the Jonian sea and extends over a territory of 45 hectares, of which 11 of pine woods. All around Mediterranean scrub and olives.

The particular of our farm is the position: on a hill at 200 mt a.s.l.

From here you can enjoy a wonderful sight that from the arcade goes through the sea and stretches of Mediterranean scrub, forest and rivers.

A real poetry!

Stone’s wall keep fresh and windy the rooms, the ideal for your relaxing afternoons, after a sea day, waiting for dinner.

From breakfast you can taste our very wholesome and fresh foodstuff: black grapes’, lemons’, oranges’ and quince’s jam, the doughnuts prepared every day by Carla with cookies and other bonuses. Catering is reserved to the guest’s farm and dinner includes a different menu every day with fresh local fish, local meat and kitchen garden’s vegetables.

Who we are

The Favoino’s family is propetary and menages the farm from 2001.
Giovanni and Menuccia restored which was a beautiful and productive agricultural business up to the 50s and gave it a new life.

Giovanni and Menuccia

Menuccia successfully led the reception and the kitchen from 2001, by appealing to the numerous guests who, year after year, renew their presence.

Giovanni, pillar of the farm and it’s historical memory, always devotes himself to the winter maintenance and to the resolution of the little daily problems.


Devote herself to the revaluation of ancient dishes and proposes cultural initiatives in the spacious garden of the hamlet of San Rocco.


Deals with hospitality and with the management of the farm.


A painter with a special passion in preparing cackes and for babies, in fact hers are the excellent doughnuts which you’ll eat at breakfast.


Farm Grassetti

Agriturismo Grassetti is the ideal place for your vacation ... an ancient farm lived until '50s and patiently rennoved by the owners, Giovanni and Menuccia step by step. Since 2001 guests arriving at the Agriturismo Grassetti fall in love with the silence and the view, with the informal kindness of the owners and good food.




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Farm Grassetti
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