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Castles and ancient villages, the Pollino’s National park, the ancient Sibari and much more..


The Albanian culture

The Albanians of Calabria are the most large ethnic minority of the region. Their arrival in this lands was caused by the Turkish invasion in homeland to the half of the ‘400. Numerous are the albanian villages near Montegiordano: Plataci, Farneta, San Costantino Albanese, Civita, Frascineto, they still keep today language and arbresh traditions. .

Pollino’s park

At about 20 km from the farm, between Calabria and Basilicata, extends for about 196.400 hectares the Pollino’s National park with its very rare “loricati” pine trees. The presence of this kind of trees, typical of the balcanian vegetation, seems to be connected with the taking office, in this place, of groups of inhabitants coming from Albania, who took refuge in this mountains during the late Middle Ages.


Into the archaeological Sibari’s park it’s possible to visit and to go through the remains of a road and of a neighborhood of the VII and VI century b.c. and scraps of successive roman buildings and of a theater dating back to the 50 b.c. In the local archaeological museum are exposed finds coming from graves of the “iron ages”, phoenician, egyptian and greek objects. Near the mouth of Crati, today a natural reserve, stand Sibari’s lakes, lagoons partially converted into marinas.

Policoro e Metaponto

In the next Basilicata there’s the archaeological Metaponto’s pak with the Apollo Licio’s temple, a greek theater and the famous Palatine’s tables. Not so far away from here there’s Policoro, ancient Heraclea’s colony, which proofs are kept in the archaeological excavation’s area and in the near Siritide’s Museum.

Castello di Montegiordano

Castello di Roseto Capo Spulico

Castello di Rocca Imperiale


Farm Grassetti

Agriturismo Grassetti is the ideal place for your vacation ... an ancient farm lived until '50s and patiently rennoved by the owners, Giovanni and Menuccia step by step. Since 2001 guests arriving at the Agriturismo Grassetti fall in love with the silence and the view, with the informal kindness of the owners and good food.




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Farm Grassetti
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