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Castles and ancient villages, the Pollino’s National park, the ancient Sibari and much more..


Castles and ancient villages

Numerous castles and ancient fortified villages can be visited in and around Montegiordano (Roseto Capo Spulico, Rocca Imperiale, Oriolo, Canna);

Albanian culture
The Albanians of Calabria represent the largest ethnic minority in the region. Their arrival in these lands was brought about by the Turkish invasion of the motherland and dates back to the mid-15th century. There are numerous Albanian villages near Montegiordano: Plataci, Farneta, S.Costantino Albanese, they still preserve the Arbresh language and traditions.
Pollino National Park
About twenty kilometres from the agriturismo, straddling Calabria and Basilicata, stretches the 196,400 hectare Pollino National Park with its extremely rare loricate pines. The presence of this species, typical of Balkan vegetation, seems to be linked to the settlement in this area of nuclei of inhabitants from Albania, who took refuge in these mountains in the late Middle Ages.
Angel's Flight and the Lucanian Dolomites
A day trip to nearby Basilicata takes you to Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa for a unique experience of adrenalin rush and contact with nature: the flight of the angel, gliding among the peaks at a height of 130 metres.  
The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matera 
Matera, famous for its rock architecture, is certainly worth a visit. In 1993 the Sassi became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2019 the city was the European Capital of Culture.
An ancient episcopal city, Byzantine Rossano hides many wonders, including the Codex Purpureo (a 6th century gospel book, possibly from Syria and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015), the Abbey of Santa Maria del Patire, as well as the famous factory and the 'Amarelli' Liquorice Museum.
In the archaeological park of Sibari, it is possible to visit and walk around the remains of a road and a neighbourhood from the 7th and 6th century B.C., as well as fragments of later Roman buildings and a theatre dating back to 50 B.C. The local archaeological museum exhibits finds from indigenous Iron Age tombs, objects of Greek, Phoenician and Egyptian origin. At the mouth of the Crati River, now a nature reserve, are the Lakes of Sibari, lagoon basins partially transformed into a marina.
Policoro and Metaponto
In nearby Basilicata is the Metaponto Archaeological Park with the temple of Apollo Lycius, the Greek theatre and the famous Tavole Palatine. Not far away is Policoro, the ancient colony of Heraclea, the remains of which are preserved in the archaeological area of the excavations and in the adjoining Museum of the Siritide.

Castello di Montegiordano

Castello di Roseto Capo Spulico

Castello di Rocca Imperiale


Farm Grassetti

Agriturismo Grassetti is the ideal place for your vacation ... an ancient farm lived until '50s and patiently rennoved by the owners, Giovanni and Menuccia step by step. Since 2001 guests arriving at the Agriturismo Grassetti fall in love with the silence and the view, with the informal kindness of the owners and good food.




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